Customer Service Valley

The Stichting Customer Service Valley foundation is a collaboration between government organizations, businesses, and educational institutes. 
We provide our own training, a solid network, knowledge and innovation exchange, active mobility and recruitment, and a marketing and communication platform. 

We aim to achieve the objective to ‘Take your customer satisfaction to the next level’ by:
• Developing the field further, with a specific focus on innovation and digitization. Our clear aim is to improve our services for all our customers. 
• Collaborating effectively and sharing knowledge to strengthen South Limburg’s position as a region specializing in customer service.
• Creating an attractive climate for organizations focused on customer service in the broadest sense.

South Limburg has around thirty companies operating a medium-sized or large-sized customer service centre. These centres provide 6,000 jobs, of which 2,000 are in Customer Service Valley. In addition, there are many more organizations in the region with a smaller front and/or back office customer service department for which Customer Service Valley is relevant.