Our Mission

Government, the business community, and education work together in the Stichting Customer Service Valley foundation. Through training programmes, knowledge exchange, innovation, and further professionalization of the field, they aim to further strengthen South Limburg’s position as a region specializing in customer service. This interactive collaboration will raise the knowledge, quality, and innovative strength of the customer service sector to the highest level, enabling us to create an ideal climate for customer service businesses, in which they can take their services to the next level and strengthen their position in the labour market.
Customer Service Valley energizes. Customer Service Valley initiates, motivates, and inspires, and, in doing so, brings together parties. This proactive stance is infectious and results in synergy. People, organizations, and businesses are attracted to the dynamics of Customer Service Valley. Success is not an aim in itself, but a natural result of the energetic approach that triggers a lasting process that is self-initiating and self-perpetuating.
Customer Service Valley is about people. Ultimately it is about helping consumers as effectively as possible. Customer satisfaction as a metric. For that you must be willing and able to identify with the wishes and requirements of your customers. The human dimension is key. Human dimension is in the DNA of Customer Service Valley. A sincere, honest focus on people. Helping people in the way you would like to be helped yourself. Customer Service Valley is a no-nonsense collaboration. Roll up your sleeves and get down to work. We’re there for the people, not vice versa.
The world is changing, and so is the customer service sector. 
Information technology is developing at a rapid pace and has an irrevocable influence on the work carried out by customer contact centres. Customer Service Valley follows the latest developments and innovations closely and shares this knowledge in themed events and knowledge sessions. This enables partners to help one another in making strategic choices that cleverly anticipate the future. 
Thanks to its international location, culture, and way of doing business, South Limburg is the perfect place to offer effective customer-driven customer service. Hospitality is at the heart of Limburg culture. It’s also a dynamic region with an international outlook. The location within Europe provides fertile ground for connection and collaboration. Creation and innovation make South Limburg a strong region in which the good quality of life and a professional work ethic are combined to offer the best of both worlds. Customer service thrives in South Limburg better than anywhere else.

Customer Service Valley: Join your future, take your customer satisfaction to the next level.