Customer Service Valley stimulates training and recruitment

Just one year after its official launch, collaborating parties have concluded that Customer Service Valley has been a resounding success and meets the need for customer call centres in the region. This foundation has succeeded in strengthening South Limburg's position as a customer service region through training programmes, knowledge exchange, innovation, and the further professionalization of the customer service field. Customer Service Valley is a collaborative effort uniting Vodafone, Q-Park, arvato Bertelsmann, the Municipality of Maastricht, and the educational institutes Arcus College Regional Training Centre, Leeuwenborgh Regional Training Centre, and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Customer Service Valley has had several concrete successes in its first year of existence and trained senior secondary vocational education graduates for jobs in the customer service industry. It has also started a senior secondary vocational education programme to further the knowledge of its own staff. The partners also developed a joint recruitment programme that focuses on external recruitment and improves the flow of staff between the four different organizations. 

Experience Days
Customer Service Valley will continue to stimulate training and recruitment in the next year starting with a recruitment event. Customer Service Valley is hosting an experience event on Saturday 5 November from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and on Thursday 10 November from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The goal of the afternoon and evening events is to give people who are interested in working in the customer service sector a look behind the scenes and to stimulate their interest in the field.
The events will take place in the Vodafone customer contact centre in Maastricht. More information about the Experience Days will be posted on the Customer Service Valley Facebook page and on the website: