Active mobility and recruitment

Good customer service depends on employees having the right competencies. Customer Service Valley brings together demand for and supply of labour with recruitment and mobility. Together with our partner Podium24, we recruit and train new employees to become fully-fledged customer service professional. Podium24 also helps ensure the mobility of people between our partners and therefore contributes to the creation of career paths progressing through different companies. Furthermore, Podium24 is the leading service provider for labour market projects, reintegration, secondment, and placement in the region. By ensuring collaboration between the business sector and municipalities, Podium24 helps job seekers find employment. It focuses in particular on people with poor job prospects. Customer service is often international in nature, meaning that in the Netherlands the Euregio offers a business climate that is unique for customer service. Customer Service Valley's recruitment therefore extends past the borders of Belgium and Germany. Furthermore, Customer Service Valley organizes recruitment events such as the Experience Days where candidates can be introduced to customer service in practice.